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In an era where the quest for unbiased and thoughtful commentary is more critical than ever, Koinonia News emerges as a beacon of reflection and insight. Hosted by the Apostolic, Western Orthodox Church (AWOC), this independent, conservative news source delves deep into the social, political, and religious issues shaping our world, offering perspectives grounded in the ancient faith of Christianity.

Born amidst the fervor of the 2016 presidential election cycle, Koinonia News has grown in its mission and scope, particularly during the tumultuous times of the pandemic. Our journey began on the digital platforms, notably Facebook, where we sought to engage with a broader audience, seeking dialogue and understanding. However, as the landscape of corporate censorship evolved, so too did our approach, pushing us toward creating a space free from such constraints, where open discussion and conservative values could flourish.

At its core, Koinonia News is an opinion journal, steadfast in its commitment to not endorsing any specific politician or party. Instead, our focus is on fostering a community—a koinonia—where ideas can be shared, debated, and understood through the lens of an Ancient Faith Christian Perspective. We believe that such a perspective offers invaluable insights into today’s challenges, providing guidance that is both timeless and profoundly relevant.

As we navigate the complexities of our times, Koinonia News invites readers to explore issues with depth and nuance. Our commitment to independent, conservative journalism serves as a foundation for a dialogue that respects tradition, values integrity, and seeks truth. Join us in this journey of exploration and understanding, as we reflect on the pressing issues of our day from a standpoint rooted in faith, tradition, and conservative principles.

Welcome to the conversation. Welcome to Koinonia News.
Follow this link —-> to read the latest posts from Koinonia News