Warning to the Church Regarding the Great Apostasy

By Michael Callahan,
Presiding Bishop, Apostolic Western Orthodox Church (AWOC)

There is a growing concern among many Christians that the Church is facing a great apostasy, a time when many people will fall away from the true faith in Jesus Christ. This concern is heightened by the ongoing Synod on Synodality, which some believe is being used to promote heretical teachings and to undermine the Church’s traditional teachings.

One piece of evidence that has raised concern is Pope Francis’s recent meeting with representatives of New Ways Ministry, a Catholic dissident organization that has been condemned by previous popes and bishops for its promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. This meeting has been seen by some as a sign that Pope Francis is willing to compromise on the Church’s teachings in order to appease the secular world.

Christians should be aware of the dangers of the Great Apostasy and should be prepared to defend the faith. This can be done by praying for the Pope and the Synod fathers, by studying the Church’s teachings, and by being outspoken against heresy.

Here are some specific things that Christians can do to defend the faith:

Pray for the Pope and the Synod fathers, that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit and that they will remain faithful to the Church’s teachings.

Study the Church’s teachings on faith and morals. This can be done by reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the documents of the Second Vatican Council, and the writings of the popes and saints. Click here to view the Catechism of the AWOC: https://aworthodoxchurch.org/catechism-of-the-awoc/

Be outspoken against heresy. This can be done by writing to your bishop or cardinal, by speaking to your friends and family, and by using social media to share the truth about the faith.

It is important to remember that the Church is built on the rock of Peter, and that the gates of hell will not prevail against her. However, we must all do our part to defend the faith and to remain faithful to Jesus Christ.

Invitation to Priests and Clergy

I, Michael Callahan, Presiding Bishop of the Apostolic Western Orthodox Church (AWOC), would like to invite priests and clergy who are concerned with the modern errors creeping into their jurisdictions to consider the AWOC as a possible place to find episcopal covering.

The AWOC is a traditional Western Rite Orthodox Church that is committed to maintaining the ancient faith and orthopraxy. We believe that the Orthodox Church is the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, and we are committed to preserving the faith in all its fullness and purity.

If you are a priest or clergy member who is concerned about the direction in which your denomination is headed, I encourage you to contact me to learn more about the AWOC. We have an open invitation for dialogue, and we would be honored to consider providing episcopal covering for you and your community.

Together, we can stand against the Great Apostasy and defend the ancient faith.


PAX Christi +++

Bishop Michael

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