An outline for the AWOC Carmelite Novitiate

The period of novitiate in the Carmelite order is a significant and formative time where the novice is gradually introduced to the monastic life, community living, and the spiritual and apostolic tradition of the Order.

I. Orientation:

A. Introduction to Carmelite Spirituality

Historical Overview

Key Figures: St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, etc.

The Rule of St. Albert, and The AWOC revisions

B. The Structure and Government of the Order

Local Community

Provincial Community

General Community

II. Community Life:

A. Communal Prayer and Liturgy

Liturgy of the Hours

Eucharistic Celebration

Sacramental Life

B. Building Community

Community Meetings

Work and Recreation

Conflict Resolution and Communication

III. Spiritual Formation:

A. Prayer and Contemplation

Meditation and Mental Prayer

Lectio Divina

Retreats and Days of Recollection

B. Spiritual Direction and Confession

Regular spiritual direction

Frequent Confession

IV. Academic and Intellectual Formation:

A. Study of Carmelite and Christian Tradition


Carmelite Saints and Mystical Theology

Social Justice and Apostolic Works

B. Philosophical and Theological Studies



V. Apostolic and Ministerial Formation:

A. Exposure to Various Apostolates

Parish Ministry

Social Justice Initiatives

Interreligious Dialogue

B. Developing Pastoral Skills

Preaching and Liturgical Planning

Pastoral Counseling

VI. Discernment and Vocational Development:

A. Discernment Workshops and Retreats

B. Evaluation and Self-Assessment

C. Preparing for Temporary and Perpetual Profession

VII. Formation Accompaniment:

A. Regular meetings with the Novice Master or Formation Director

B. Reflection and Evaluation of the Novitiate Experience

Throughout this period, there is an emphasis on growing in personal and communal prayer, embracing the Carmelite charism, and preparing for the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience within the Carmelite community.

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