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Subject: Appointment to the Office of Apostolic Vicar

To: Bishop Robert Pilkington

Dear Bishop Pilkington,

Grace and peace be with you.

During my episcopal ministry, I have had the privilege of forging numerous meaningful relationships with devoted Churchmen across the African Continent. Through these connections, I have come to appreciate the remarkable diversity and the profound hunger for Christian truths that characterize the people of Africa.

It is with this understanding and deep appreciation for the spiritual landscape of Africa that I am pleased to announce your appointment to the esteemed position of Apostolic Vicar to the Churches of Africa and others outside of the USA. Your unwavering dedication to the faith and your extensive pastoral experience make you the ideal candidate for this vital role.

Your service to the Church has not gone unnoticed, Bishop Pilkington. Your deep understanding of the spiritual needs of our friends in Africa, coupled with your tireless efforts, has uniquely prepared you for this appointment. As Apostolic Vicar to the Churches of Africa, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the spiritual well-being and growth of our churches across the continent.

Your mission will be to provide guidance, support, and pastoral care to our clergy and congregations, fostering unity and spiritual development within the Church. Your appointment will officially commence on today’s date,  reporting directly to me.

I am confident that, under your guidance, the Churches of our Jurisdiction will flourish, and the spiritual needs of our congregations will be met with compassion and wisdom. Your ministry will be a source of inspiration and strength to the faithful in Africa and others outside of our own nation — a testament to the Apostolic Western Orthodox Church’s commitment to spreading the Gospel. in essence, you will be our ambassador to the world.

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your appointment to this significant position within the Apostolic Western Orthodox Church. May your journey as Apostolic Vicar be blessed with God’s grace, and may you continue to be a shining example of Christian leadership.

In Christ’s service,

Archbishop Michael Callahan
Presiding Bishop
Apostolic Western Orthodox Church

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